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In fact, even if you try to resist, you will find it well nigh impossible to do so.

For it is through the sensual interaction of her erotic hypnosis MP3 words and your imagination, that most potent of sexual organs, that she is able to raise a storm of earth-shaking intensity within you.

Seduced and captivated by a cultured woman, hypnotized to submission. Places where you can truly discover who you really are and want to be. I am Madam Raison Detre, a highly professional and trained hypnotherapist, and I am more than capable of taking you to worlds you have only dreamed of, where your erotic hypnosis MP3 fantasies can be explored, developed even further and fulfilled.

Erotic hypnosis MP3 will let you experience all of this and more. Once you have acquired one of my audio erotic hypnosis MP3 recordings or videos, all you need to do is lie back, relax and listen.

In an important and apparently paradoxical sense you will never listen to the same erotic hypnosis MP3 twice however many times you listen.

With sharp perceptive clarity, she has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of those who wish to submit to a strong, beautiful, dominant woman. Even when listening a second, a third, or even a tenth time to the same erotic hypnosis MP3, you will discover new insights, new cadences, new subtleties in the images she creates in your mind: for this is a genuinely interactive, personal and intimate process between the two of you.Would you dare slide them over your legs to experience their decadent touch, or would it be the utmost sacrilege to do so?What could be better than to listen to my erotic hypnosis MP3 voice while holding my stockings or panties?Have no fear, my erotic hypnosis MP3 and I will lead and you shall follow, you have no choice, as you want to give yourself to me: every erotically charged part of you.I am Madam Raison Detre a paragon of class, style and elegance; a beautiful woman with a penchant for seductive pleasure of the carnal nature, I have a deliciously curvaceous body to die for.Maybe a pair of delicious, lacy or satin used panties that I have worn so very, very close to my skin.Imagine the smell and the feel of such an incredibly precious cloth known to have once caressed the soft, smooth skin of your mistress.You will feel desire, lust, humility and submission all as one: insistent and distinct but inseparable.Do not doubt that these erotic hypnosis MP3 recordings are extremely erotic and irresistibly hypnotic.For this I offer a selection of used garments in my store as worn by me.Perhaps my sheer used stockings, formerly having encased my lovely, shapely legs.

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