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When paired with the GS3 2630 Display, the Seed Star 3 HP monitoring system provides critical information about the planting process to the operator within the tractor cab.

Seed Star 3 HP is compatible with the GS3 2630, the Gen 4 4600 Command Center™ and 4640 Universal display.

Connect Mobile also has a common user interface that makes it easy to use between different pieces of John Deere equipment.

Once the job is done, the i Pad with the planting data can be utilized to perform basic crop scouting activities in the field.

For Easy Adjust Row Cleaner retrofit kit options, see the ordering guide.Easy Adjust row cleaners are available on Exact Emerge and Max Emerge 5e equipped planters.The Easy Adjust row cleaners are not integrated into Row Command™ feature.From the factory the system is setup with two sections, the outer wings and center frame.With this system, producers will see up to a 76 percent increase in consistent force applied at the closing wheel.Shark Tooth is a trademark of Yetter Manufacturing Incorporated.Building upon the foundation of previous Seed Star monitoring, the Seed Star 3 HP monitoring system takes planter monitoring to the next level.Consistently applying the correct force at the seed trench is one of the key elements of supporting improved emergence.Studies show potential yield impact on corn from even emergence from 5 percent to 9 percent*.An adjustment that can be overlooked is row cleaners due to planter size, difficulty to make the adjustment, varying conditions across fields and time.With the Easy Adjust row cleaners on Exact Emerge™ planters, operators now have a pneumatic solution to make on-the-go adjustments that is controlled directly from the seat of the cab.

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