Adult chat non sponsored

All correspondence, photos and materials should be age-appropriate, country-appropriate, and ministry-appropriate, in harmony with Compassion’s conservative evangelical Christian view. In our Child Sponsorship Program, each child has the opportunity to hear the gospel in an age-appropriate and culturally relevant way.

Instead, focus on the positive aspects of the relationship.

Your child may not have your most recent letter with him when he writes back, particularly if he waits until the designated time during which all children in the center write their sponsors.

Often during this designated time, teachers will write a list of suggestions or letter samples on the board to help the kids with their letters.

To write online, sign in to your account on and click “Write My Child.”You can choose from several colorful templates and even upload pictures.

We will print your letter in color in our Colorado Springs office. But please also be sensitive to the child's economic situation.

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