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(Exception: if the tu or vós forms are being used, then seu/sua become the 3rd person AND teu/tua or vosso/vossa are used instead .) Sua boca = your mouth. But if you don't have a car, then it means "his or her car." If you do have a car, and they want to talk about someone else's car, then they have to say o carro dele (the car of his), or o carro dela (the car of hers).

Start practicing with words whose preceding consonant doesn't have much lip movement. A good native pronunciation of this diphthong will take lots of listening and practice.Needless to say, this can all be very confusing and requires practice. Normally translated as just "his girlfriend." This topic is much too complex for a phrasebook. as found in the dictionary) end in _ar, _er, and _ir (like Spanish) plus there's one irregular infinitive pôr (to put).A lot of the most common verbs are irregular, and must be memorized (except in the we form, most of the time).I also get a lot of inspiration by looking at the keywords people use that bring them to here.One very commom search term is “Portuguese Love Phrases”.I noticed that Go Lisbon have a lovely blog post on romantic places to visit so I encourage you to take a look there as well.I wholeheartedly agree with them that if you and your beloved are taking a Lisbon break this week you must make a visit to Sintra.The Brazlian variant used here is based on generally follow the Rio pronunciation in this guide.Accentuation Similar to Spanish: Words ending in -a, -e, -o, -m, or -s are stressed on the next to the last syllable.Você, ele, ela, (and usually tu in Brazil -- see above) share the same verb set, as do (separately) vocês, eles, and elas.By not using the second person, you also avoid having to change verbal commands when switching from affirmative to negative: (you) go vá, (you) don't go não vá, but with tu it's vai (affirmative) and não vás (negative) which is more complicated.

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