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Anyway, so Blair found out about Nate and Serena and they broke up, but then Nate’s parents pressured him to reunite with her and give her his great-grandmother’s ring (“the one that Cornelius Vanderbilt gave her”).

See, Nate’s dad has a huge cocaine problem and is failing massively at work, and he needs to take Blair’s mom’s fashion company public in order to salvage his career.

Oh, and Dan’s little sister Jenny (Taylor Momsen) has locked Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), the show’s brooding Draco Malfoy type, on the roof in his underwear, since he once tried to date-rape her, and she’s rushing out of the building when Nate — whoops!

— mistakes her for Serena, since they are wearing masks and both have 200 pounds of blonde hair extensions.

Onscreen frenemies Blake and Leighton are said to “avoid each other like the plague” on set, leaving their castmates to “choose sides.” Ed Westwick, the British actor who plays the scotch-swilling womanizer Chuck, stays in character by appearing louche and drunk at places like the Beatrice Inn.

All-American good boy Chace Crawford was said to be dating , for added spice, former boy-band member JC Chasez.

While Nate was clearly thrilled by this experience, Serena was ashamed and fled to boarding school in Connecticut.

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“The psychology of celebrity is such a weird and new thing,” Dan — Penn — says of the cast’s sudden notoriety.“I think the last time people treated anybody else like this was demigods like in the time of ancient Greece.” He gave a twinkly Dan Humphrey grin and shrugged.“That was absurd then, and it’s even more absurd now.” But he doesn’t have it nearly as bad as Chace Crawford, whom Penn (self-deprecatingly, adorably) calls the show’s “designated hot guy.” After some haggling involving mentions of well-lit public places, Chace agreed to meet us for a chaste lunch at Chelsea’s Empire Diner.Meanwhile, Serena (Lively) has gone to the ball with a dork from Dalton (his IM handle is Rich Boy IV), but is really in love with Dan (Badgley), the intellectual outsider from Brooklyn, who loves her back with a sincerity heretofore unseen in any real-life teenage boy with unblemished skin.Did we mention that all of this is being narrated by an anonymous teenage blogger (voiced by Kristen Bell) who puts TMZ to shame?He will gaze deeply into her eyes as he says tenderly, “I’m not mad, Serena. Please help me understand what’s going on.” He will do this with complete unself-consciousness, despite the fact that his arch-nemesis Chuck, who also happens to be Serena’s newly acquired stepbrother, is standing there smirking, because 17-year-old Dan is not the sort of teenager who fears public displays of affection. The “he” who is “a gay” is just some guy who looked that way to the texter.) The more we wrote about .He is sensitive, smart, and loving, not to mention hot, and to teenage girls, for whom such creatures exist only in daydreams, he is perfect. One time we played hooky from work for an hour and skip-walked all the way from our offices in far west Soho to the East Village to catch a scene of the show being filmed. Or a Bloomin’ Onion.” But before long we were covering the show pretty much exhaustively on the Daily Intelligencer, the blog we write on ” read one text, from a 28-year-old marketing executive. After all, it is (and we have come to this conclusion honestly) the most awesomely awesome show ever.Blake Lively was said to have gotten a secret nose job!A gossip blog said Leighton Meester was spotted smoking a joint at Goldbar!“Everybody got to move out to New York together and set up shop there and go through that together as a group.” And like the group of friends they play on the show, they are living out story lines both glamorous and fraught — and chronicled by the city’s professional gossips.Onscreen sweethearts Penn and Blake are rumored to be dating in real life.

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