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A lot of women, that's high on their list - to be married. [agent] Norby Walters…he puts this big Oscar party on [Night of 100 Stars]…this was eight years ago, and he said "Come to the party?

" and I said "You know, I’m not really dating anyone right now," and he said, "I’ll fix you up on a date."' Corbett explained.'So he slips this thing under my door with 20 really famous ladies on it. I put a one and a circle around it, and I stuck it back under his door and he called me up and said, "One name, you give me one name?

And Evans, who actually formed a strong friendship with Bo despite usurped by the younger actress, said: 'John's death was wrenching for Bo. She's made of wonderful stuff.' Bo struggled to get over the loss of her husband and threw herself into work and indulged her love of horses - she owns Andalusian horses and is a spokesperson for the Animal Welfare Institute's campaign to end horse slaughter.

She vowed off dating again and remained single for four years before meeting her current boyfriend, My Greek Fat Wedding and Sex and the City actor, John Corbett.

Proving she definitely doesn't go for a type, Bo went from marrying a man thirty years older to dating a man younger than herself.

Corbett talked about their age difference during an appearance on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson and said that he's bemused by people's misconception that he's dating a much older woman, when in reality he is actually only four-and-a-half years her junior.

However, she simply reminds herself that Botox and plastic surgery can often change a person's facial expression for the worse.

She says: 'When you look at women who have had plastic surgery, they have lost something - usually an expression, something unique to their faces. I've always admired the women who didn't do it, so I have to keep reminding myself I'm one of them and not the other.

Derek helped auction off bottles of bubbly signed by celebrities including herself, Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino and Naomi Watts.

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Thirty-one years ago she became an instant sex symbol when the now-iconic image of the lithe actress, clad in a gold high cut swimsuit, her hair in beaded braids, running along the beach became many a teenage boy's pin-up of choice.

Now she's 54 - but she still has an appearance most women would envy.

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