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The method, which aims to envelope the spouses and their lawyers in a team of experts and a cooperative spirit, has been used here for a decade.With the passage of the law, however, it has become the fourth official way to become divorced in New Jersey where the options are to litigate, mediate, arbitrate, or collaborate.A range of mental health experts—including clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychiatrists, substance abuse specialists, and compulsive behavior specialists—can be drawn into the process as needed, as can real estate and financial specialists.

There’s a new kinder, gentler way to be divorced in New Jersey called collaborative divorce. Christie signed the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act, making New Jersey the ninth of 11 states to legitimize a practice touted by proponents as more speedy and less costly than traditional divorce.In a July 22 interview with Gannett New Jersey newspapers' editorial boards, he noted he is "a voice for marriage equality that had me the national speaker in Washington, as a straight male, the national speaker for the Human Rights Campaign."This week, in an interview with The Washington Post, Booker, 44, talked about his "great dismay" that he has not "settled down with a life partner." He said he has been dating more at the encouragement of a pastor friend but tries to keep that part of his life private."Because how unfair is it to a young lady to put them in the spotlight if they haven't signed up for that yet? "And people who think I'm gay, some part of me thinks it's wonderful.Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia.But the process rarely fails, Wennogle said, since lawyers are trained to screen for the best candidates.“The whole idea of a collaborative case is that it’s not adversarial,” Wennogle said, adding that the lawyers call each other colleagues instead of adversaries.“We sit at round tables, too, so that nobody can be on anybody’s side,” she added.“The very first meeting, we talk about goals and interests, which is totally different than having positions. Nobody says, ‘I know what the law is and I can get x.’”In the case of Vogt and her husband, talks immediately focused on how life would be for their daughter after the divorce, and how finances would work out.J., from 1995 to 2007 and former state director of Americans for Prosperity. Barbara Buono said, "It is despicable that in 2013 he would claim that being gay means you cannot fit his outdated, 1950s-era definition of manliness" and encouraged Christie to denounce the comments and rescind his endorsement. J., said Buono is "looking to get attention for anything" and brushed off calls to not endorse Lonegan."I certainly don't agree with every utterance out of his mouth," Christie said but also said he agrees with Lonegan on a core group of ideas.Lonegan's comments prompted a pointed response from the leader of the gay-rights group Garden State Equality."What does it say to our youth when a candidate for the United States Senate goes on national television and makes blatantly homophobic comments?“Divorce is very emotional and that’s very right brain sided.They’re not thinking with their left brains, logically.”Managing emotions, even minimizing them, is the role of the divorce coach, a role played by Aaron Welt of Morristown, a clinical psychologist with a doctorate."It was described as his peculiar fetish, is how it was described. "Being a public figure, people talk smack about you, so I found this 24-hour mani-pedi place and go in the middle of the night. Look, manis are good, but pedis — there's something ...transformative."Booker called Lonegan's comments "unacceptable" in an interview Wednesday with the Huffington Post."That's just sad. It's just disheartening to hear somebody, in this day and age in the United States of America, say, basically implicate, that gay men are not men, that they're not guys. "That kind of callous, bigoted disrespect to gays and lesbians shouldn't be tolerated."Democrats sought to broaden the controversy by drawing in Gov.

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