Dating desi wifes

I was born in UP and lived in Lucknow for around 20 years.

I love this site and going to narrate my true story to all of you.

After a while she came to the drawing room and sad beside me and told me, "Dinner is ready now." I asked her to get the beers and two glasses.

She asked, " Why, two glasses." I told her one for me one for you." To listen this she was shocked.

I masturbated and then I cleaned my cock with water and again went in the bedroom.My mother loved me very much and always guided me wherever I needed guidance. I was in 12th class and I used to come home at around 2'O clock from my school.At that time my mother used to watch TV programs and used to hug me every day whenever I came back from the school and still she used to put off my clothes and shoes etc. At the lunch-time she used to ask me about my school, my friends especially my girlfriends.Now my mother's body was fully covered up but she could not make an eye contact with me.Now I became horny for my mother and dreamt of her making sex with me.One winter day when I came back from school and despite ringing the doorbell for around fifteen minutes she did not open the door. After a short while my mother opened the door and I entered inside, I was shocked as she was only in Petticoat and blouse standing in front of me and told me, "I am sorry, I made you to wait, actually I am feeling well". Today I was feeling little bit tired still I proposed mom after the lunch if I can massage her head. I told her to sit in our bedroom till I get some oil to massage her head.She went in the bedroom and I came back with a bottle of hair-oil. She asked me to sit so that she can put her head on my lap. I started rubbing oil on her head and massaged slowly on her forehead.While in the bathroom I masturbated once on Mom's name.Then I came out of bathroom and I was only in my underwear.My mother was angry to see her son buying beers with him.But she could not speak anything, as she was still ashamed of her act.

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