Dating money etiquette

So if the bill arrives and, instead of picking up the check, he suggests splitting it—even though he asked you out—be gracious and gladly pull out your wallet.

"Don't automatically jump to the conclusion that he's cheap," she advises.

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Firmly, but nicely, say—don't ask—"I think it would be best if each of us just paid for what we ordered." If your friend pushes the issue, calmly stick to your guns and pay for your meal only.

Photo: Jupiterimages/Thinkstock If you're more financially stable than your sister is, the kind thing to do is accept whatever she can give and hope she'll return the favor in the future.

Otherwise, tell her to make other plans when she first asks to go in on the gift with you.

I'm sure she will love your gift."Rule #5: Always Give at the Office Every time you turn around, a coworker is collecting cash for someone's baby shower, wedding live well etiquette shower, birthday party or retirement bash. Do you really want your colleagues, and especially your boss, thinking you're not a team player? " And come armed with alternatives, like putting a price cap on office parties or celebrating only certain events. He may be just as tired of getting hit up for contributions as you are.5 Tacky Money Moves Asking dinner guests to bring an appetizer or dessert.

If you're hosting a dinner party, not a potluck, spring for the cost of the entire menu yourself.

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