Dating non virgin girlfriend

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The question is can we forgive others as Christ forgave us? He did not mean that forgiving others is a way of procuring God’s forgiveness, which we know is by grace alone, but that a forgiving heart is a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the heart of a true believer.

The inability to forgive and forget the past mistakes of one of the marriage partners will definitely influence the marriage negatively.

Before entering a marriage with someone with a sexual past, it’s crucial to understand that salvation and forgiveness of sin are given to us by grace.

And if so , what if she is not having an extramarital affair with her boss or neighbors. So the best suggestion for you is to remain single lifelong. And remember one thing , nowadays nobody accepts the truth that they have copulated with someone in their past.

As suggested by my dear friend, you don't deserve her in this case. But she has already informed you this secret which she could have hidden.

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