Dating structo toys

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A bottom view show that it has crinkle finish paint on the chasis like the regular MF truck.

(Source:here.) Two MF Corvair-95 tin toys are known.

MF-756 is essentially a replica of the Tatsuya light-blue rampside with even less attention to detail.

They differed widely in the lithography of door handles, headlights, license plates, and other features; and some were made as custom toys for certain businesses. Windows around, although "Corvair 95" emblem would indicate it's a Corvan (possibly confusion on the part of the manufacturer).

It appears that some of the van toys were produced with "1961" printed on the license plate, although the plates of most showed "1069". There were two versions of this toy, one had 1069 on the license plates, the other had 1961.

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