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In the 21st Century, job interviews are just as likely to be conducted outside the confines of an office meeting room as they are inside – and that may terrify some.

Debut adds: 'During the interview, it is important to think about your social interaction and body language.

Even though the interviewer may only see you from the waist up, it is still important to dress in smart attire, as it will make you feel more serious about the interview.'It may also help your performance, as the interview will feel more formal and important.'It will have a positive influence on your posture too, as you will feel more inclined to sit up straight, which will make you look more presentable.

And it all takes place inside the sprawling Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia.

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People may instantly think that an interview in a coffee shop may be more 'casual' - while some might not even like hot drinks and may feel panicked as to what to order. Remember, you are being judged before you even walk through the door.'Employers chose to conduct interviews outside of the office for various reasons.

'One employer claimed they held interviews at a gay café in London, to see how candidates responded to the setting and their views on gay people.'They also worked with the café staff to assess the candidate's general manners while in a casual environment, such as their attitude towards waiters.'Often for the employer, coffee shop interviews are a way for them to meet a potential employee on a more casual basis to determine if they have the right personality or fit for the company.'It is worth adding that in the modern open plan office world it can also be because they find it possible to get a meeting room.

As the Dot was to the original Echo, the Spot is to the Echo Show – a product that Amazon launched in the UK last November.

The Spot has a smaller screen and speaker, but those are the only real design differences.

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