Do and dont of online dating

But pressing the pause button on dating isn’t the answer.If you stop meeting new people every time the weather is miserable, in Britain you’d be vetoing half the year!And because coffee rarely lasts longer than an hour, it means neither of you is likely to relax and show your true colours on the date.Be brave, and suggest something a bit more active instead. Make the most of the beautiful outdoor ice rinks which appear at this time of year, and do something different on a date.By switching location midway through the date, your date will feel closer to you, because it feels like you’ve shared more experiences together.Charly Lester is one of Britain’s most recognised dating experts.

Confidence in the way you’re dressed translates to confidence in your attitude, so don’t date in your sweatpants or baggy jumpers.

Night may fall early in the Winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to date in the dark. Brunch or an early afternoon date can be relaxed, low-key options, during a warmer time of day.

So you can still get out and about whilst meeting someone new.

Instead, embrace winter dating, and find ways to make the experience fun and different.

Winter is a great time to get online and meeting new people.

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