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Moments later, however, Carol attempts to escape, though all she manages to do is jump through a glass window and land impaled on an iron fence.Paul has no choice but to return to his once vigilant ways, and in doing so, he rents a run-of-the-mill room for per month as a hideout to store his weapons and change into his “vigilante clothes”.Unlike Death Wish, Paul actually targets the perpetrators of his family’s crime in Death Wish II, and not just irrelevant thugs.Death Wish II, like its predecessor, is quite violent, however it really isn’t as gritty or disturbing, but still quite violent.Ultimately, Death Wish II is just a much weaker version of the first Death Wish.Wow, Death Wish 3 is certainly a major shift in the franchise.Charles Bronson is Paul Kersey under the direction of Michael Winner once again, but this time, Paul is living in LA.Trying to lead a normal life again, Paul is dating KABC news reporter, Geri Nichols (Bronson’s late wife and frequent co-star, Jill Ireland), though his daughter, Carol (Tourist Trap’s Robin Sherwood) is still mentally disturbed from the events in the first Death Wish, however, she is steadily progressing back to normality.

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Michael Winner really went out with a bang in the Death Wish Franchise. Lee Thompson, Death Wish 4 is neither as gritty as the original Death Wish nor as over-the-top as Death Wish 3; it doesn’t even sit in between.

Unfortunately, the gang break in and rape Paul’s housekeeper, Rosario (Out of the Dark’s Silvana Gallardo), and kidnap Carol.

Subsequently, in the gang’s hideout, Carol is raped, though she seems almost oblivious to what is going on.

During a shopping afternoon with his girlfriend and daughter, Paul is confronted by thugs and has his wallet stolen in an ice cream queue.

As Paul fails to retrieve his wallet, the thugs are presented with the opportunity to break into Paul’s home, as his address and other details were within his wallet.

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