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Holding out my hand I stare into the surly face of a large, angry teenage girl. ’ she asks belligerently as she stuffs it back into her bag. I can demand that she hand the phone over; she will refuse.‘Give me the phone,’ I say in as calm a voice as I can muster. I can raise my voice and insist; she’ll swear at me.

They had pictures of everything available, and I quickly found my new vibrator, bigger and more powerful than the old model (which i couldn't even find on there it must be that old), and they are even discreet about it during delivery and bill records, so I was assured that there wasn't going to be a van pulling up outside the house with a big colorful logo on the side "Kinky Sex Toy Store" or something so everyone in the neighborhood could see me accepting the package, or they might even think it was for my Aunt Claire.

I ordered a new webcam, but when it gets here, well, who knows.

That wasn't the only thing I ordered on-line lately, Hannah gave me another site from which I could shop in Vegas without leaving my room, it probably was a bit of a trip to go for just one thing, when I could have it brought directly to me.

A friend of mine who teaches in a Manchester comprehensive told me that she has to contend with sniggering, foul comments as porn is gloated over in class with little attempt to disguise what is happening. It’s unpleasant and embarrassing.‘Internet porn that children view on their mobiles in school is a huge problem,’ says Leonie Hodge, founder of Teen Boundaries, an anti-cyber-bullying charity that works with children in schools.

‘Women on these sites are violently assaulted and raped.

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  1. The videos on this site are of the absurd plot line variety, which I actually kind of love. Lauren Ahn, the videos I watch on Redtube are well done, don't have cheesy soundtracks (if anything, the music was actually pretty awesome and the girls actually look super into it and like they probably actually have sex with women in real life (huge bonus).