How children feel about their parents dating

My wife and I have kept our marriage healthy and have striven to be godly parents and grandparents.I want to outline for you five specific things Marilyn and I tried to do and, by the grace of God, mostly succeeded in doing, to build up our family in Christ and His Church. Make Your Family Your Priority More important than anything other than the Kingdom of God is our family.– Timmy, 18 My mom remarried two and a half years ago and to say the least, I was not very happy.I could tell my mom was happy though and so for her sake I pretended to be okay.

Having someone to talk to, whether it’s your parent, a sibling, or even just a friend, makes a difference.

If you have siblings, they can help relate to what you are feeling about the current situation.

If you don’t have siblings a good trustworthy friend can help you as well.

One of the great struggles we have today in the Church is preserving our children in the Orthodox Faith. Can we somehow motivate our kids to be excited about following Christ and being Orthodox Christians? It takes commitment and hard work, but it's worth it.

When I was eight, my mom passed away, and my dad remarried when I was ten.

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