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Dad Curt Rolison, born 11 November 1971, died 26 September 2017 in Nipomo, California Our Remembrance WE LOVE AND MISS YOU DADDY! CURT NATHANIEL ROLISON 1971-2017 SAN LUIS OBISPO CA- PANCRIOTIC CANCER CHANGED THE CHEMICALS IN HIS BRAIN AND THE DECLINE WAS RAPID. Love you forever Jennifer Cobb, born 05 August 1990, died in Wisconsin, USAOur Remembrance She was the best friend that I have ever had in my life.

YOU WERE A BEAUTIFUL MAN, SON, HUSBAND, FATHER AND FRIEND. We are hoping to get even more investigations on the links between panc. Thank you Lew Chu Moy, born 16 April 1948, died 23 November 2010 in Singapore Our Remembrance This was only a temporary separation, till the day we shall meet again and be together eternity. She is the only one who has stuck by me threw thick and thin for all these years.

After trying every remedy you grew too weary to go on.

Your light shines on in your 2 lovely daughters & I will forever treasure our times together.

She was the type of women who would give you her last ten dollars away, even though she would go hungry until she got paid the next week.

Having her as a mother I always felt loved, safe and warm.

She was even the finalist in British Open that was held at Blackpool location of England.

By the age she entered the age of 18, she received her first break in the TV series “So You Think you Can Dance- 4 Season” and later on she tightened her grip towards dancing skill and fetch the opportunity to perform on the stage of “dancing with the stars” different season.

During these phase of life, she was also receiving training in different dance form in spite she was born having a hole in her heart.

:- There is a rumor that Chelsie Hightower is dating with Louie Vito.

Biography Early days that can never be forget by Chelsie are the childhood days that she had been spending in the suburbs of Las Vegas and been migrated to Orem of Utah to come up with the flying colours of her brighten future.

I suspect it was something she was born with, yet losing her mother at a young age to cancer, and being left to deal with a lot of big occurrences in her early teens might have also grown roots and affected her deeper than anyone was aware.

I don't pretend to understand such a complicated thing, and why she felt the way she did.

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