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Waiting until my mid-thirties to get married meant I’d had plenty of time to dream of babies.Let’s just say my biological clock was ticking so loudly, I didn’t need to wear a wristwatch or set an alarm clock.And the truth is that Brad and I were already head over heels for Gray long before she entered the picture.She was a fixture in our thoughts, even on our wedding day.I hope you enjoy perusing some of my favorite photos from that special day, as well as a few recent ones from this year. Here’s Your Sign I love the simplicity of this photo — everything the day stood for was represented on a little wooden sign!It’s All In the Details I’m a stickler for details, and it was very important to me to have personal touches around that made the wedding ours and ours alone.I’m a firm believer that if love were easy, we wouldn’t have the same degree of appreciation for it…) Most of all, our vows intensified the endless amount of trust, respect and affection we have for one another.

The thought of it conjures stunning images of my childhood: the East Coast autumnal landscape, Halloween costume plotting, and swinging into colossal piles of raked leaves with my siblings.It is celebrating that love all over again every October 10th, and bursting with gratitude for the blessings that have been bestowed upon us since then.Yes, the month of October has taken on a life of its own.(Unless, of course, one takes canine babies into consideration!) So in honor of the event that ultimately lead to my becoming a mommy — that stunningly perfect October afternoon when the skies stopped crying long enough for the sun to smile down on our wedding ceremony — I thought I’d do a blog in snapshots this month.Her debut album, Breathing Room, was released on September 18, 2007.As she is best known for her role as Six Lemeure in the early-Nineties sitcom, she joined her fellow castmates Mayim Bialik, Michael Stoyanov and Joey Lawrence to promote the popular series now airing on Hub Television.Von Oÿ made her television acting debut in 1986 on an episode of ABC Weekend Special, followed by guest roles on Tales from the Darkside and Kate & Allie.From 1990 to 1991, she co-starred in the short-lived CBS sitcom Lenny.Later that year she guest-starred on an episode of Cold Case, and parodied Alexis Bledel's character of Rory Gilmore in the Family Guy episode "Perfect Castaway." In addition to television, von Oÿ has also appeared in the feature film Born on the Fourth of July (1989) opposite Tom Cruise.She has also provided the voice of Stacey in A Goofy Movie (1995) and Gracie in the direct-to-DVD feature Dr. In June 2000, von Oÿ recorded a demo compact disc in an attempt to launch a recording career in country music.

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