Jewel and sean penn dating

I was frustrated a lot, and it wasn't a lot of fun, but my competitiveness was rewarding. Fear of ending up on the street again was a powerful motivator.

Atlantic thought up crazy schemes to get me in front of people.They might favor someone who seems easy to work because they are radio-friendly. Although having an ally was not everything, I still had to work the system, within the label and outside it.At this point, Danny Goldberg had left Atlantic, and I needed a new champion to protect me and fight for me. I took on a tremendous workload, as my only real secret weapon were live performances and my ability to outwork anyone.The person on the other end managed to convince him before he hung up a second time that he was indeed Sean Penn, and he had seen me on Conan and wanted me to write a song for a movie he was directing.My dad set the phone down, put his boots back on, walked over, and told me to come to the phone.I think I was wearing purple polyester pants with a black T-shirt and a tacky belt with a rainbow buckle.Around this time, in 1995, I got my first TV break.I swallowed my pride and made it my job to make the best of any situation, to make people listen, and to make them remember me.And I tasked myself with making sure I didn't compromise on integrity or artistry. Never once did I phone one performance in, or accept being treated as background music, no matter how hard the gig was to conquer.It felt so good to sink my toes in the dirt and smell the cottonwood trees and ride my horse and recalibrate.I'd gone from being a strong, tan outdoorsy kid to a pale anemic musician who never drew a breath of fresh, unregulated air.

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