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And the good news is Kirsten's skirt is available to buy online now at The Outnet.Click right to get your hands on it now or for more choice check out our roundup of similar styles in the carousel below.He wants the hot dog.” Actually, he wouldn’t mind some good sushi, although he hasn’t had much success preparing it in the kitchen of the three-bedroom L. home he shares with two German shepherd-black Lab mixes. “Last year I bought all these cookbooks and did a different country every month for a few months.” But the big reason for staying in is little Madison.“You just start making choices based on the fact that you want to be with your kid,” he says.According to series creator Ryan Murphy, “Julian is like a nerdy 12-year-old. (“I saw a photograph of her recently,” he says, sounding strangely like a cosmetic surgeon, “and she looked fantastic.”) And back in his native Australia, his 1994 marriage to actress-pop star Dannii Minogue (Kylie’s kid sister), now 31, was a news event of near-Bennifer proportions.In those days the Sydney native was best known as the son of Australian prime minister Sir William Mc Mahon, who died of cancer in 1988 at age 80, and his wife, Lady Sonia.I thought, ‘This is the way to go.'” He branched into acting in Australian soaps and did well.

“An ol' friend is ready to play in the world of IT'S OFFICIAL: An ol' friend is ready to play in the world of #JUMANJI...

Nonetheless, he still gets queasy at the sight of needles.

When a recent bout of the flu left him so nauseated he couldn’t leave his trailer on the set, a doctor arrived, pulled out a hypodermic and told him to drop trou. “I’m very squeamish.” Onscreen, at least, his bedside manner is cucumber cool.

And on January 2, the blonde star was flashing what appeared to be a diamond engagement ring on her wedding finger while walking the carpet at the 28th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film awards gala.

With outfits as cool as this, we're already looking forward to seeing Kirsten's Dunst's wedding dress!

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