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And actually I feel bad about gun wook coz he's so sweet. I'm a fan of hwang jung eum since High kick 2 and this drama is one of my favorites! What makes the difference is how and how long will it draw the spectators' attention eversince the background story has been delivered. Honestly I didn't like it at first..I did stop watching..I continue myself after reading some positive comment works... I never thought i will be hooked so much i couldnt wait for the next episodes to be aired. To think that at first, i have no intention of watching it.The chemistry between him and bonui so great also, really like brother sister, he cares so much about bonui but of course not more than je soo ho. I love the character of Je Soo hoo he is so adorkable and has his own charms. Oopa fighting I love thier relationship in this drama. For romcoms, after all the background stories been told, most spectators will go bored as they know what will happen after that. but at least there a happy ending for jun yeol, not like the ending of reply88. I will waiting for your next project Jun Yeol oppa!!! I get hooked until last episodes..good too see this side of rjy..character is lovable... Out of boredom i clicked the first episode, and i cant stop eversince.The fortune teller also told Bo-Nui that if she wanted to save her sister she must perform a specific ritual.

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this year a lone he cast in 3 big movie with the chungmoro star. @Evii, surely you skip like 65% of the drama because he's in it in almost 65%. too bad, thats the fact @Evie this is not your drama then. stop spending your time to send a bad remark everywhere. je soo-ho is a sweet actor gun-wook oppa is a handsome one.., that's completing the dramaa... can't stop smiling whether it's been a few days since I finished the drama.. Please give Ryu joon yeol this kind of project more... It painful.I realize he actually carrying second lead role...this drama change everything..really really really good to watch him as main lead... I understand that she was really superstitious and relied on the fortune teller's advice because of what happened in the past. There wasn't much competition because the main leads already knew who they wanted. He simply grows and glows and makes you utterly believe this man has found his soulmate. and when bonui leaves suho in the street after the accident it just ridiculous. You never fail to put a smile in my face every week..suprisd me every week... Please comeback with new drama asap..gonna miss you !!! LUcky Romance Saranghae It gonna end this week......16 episodes feel so short !!!!! Anyway just that as much as other people I also feel weird waching some of their fashion sense but if you take count all the overall of the history it does make sense why they are like that. RYJ acted so good like i just saw the real him on je soo ho. Like throwing a potato sack on and going about your day.

Looks are deceiving but character and charm are the best Am I the only one that doesn't like that main actor? Hwang jung eum dress sense a bit off but loved her acting and of course loved each scenes that have ryu jun yeol. But the thing I don't understand why on the earth they uploaded the songs very late? I'm a little dissatisfied be coz this drama didn't commercialed well. it's so hard to move on :( good job for all the staff to make this drama so amazing..... She could have done the leaving monologue after securing that Soo Ho is brought to hospital. I am a RJY fan since rply88...i like je su ho very much..most favourite character of k drama...every scene of je su ho is worth rewatching...only reason for sticking with this drama to the end is RJY's protraying je su ho so very much good that i think nobody could do it better if it was not him.him so much and gonna miss him so very very much...plz,come back soon in k drama..i wish your acting keep shining like this always... Really going to miss him....whatever is the ratings, it was totally a great pleasure to watch RJY... i'm still at episode 13 so still hoping for a great ending!! I started to ship Dal nim and hang ryang ha couple. anyway can someone tell me, is jung sang hoon a member of SNL Korea?

His eyes,smiles and voice flutters me Finished this drama yesterday. Eventhough this is rom com but the emotional scenes break my tears.. Even plot is a little cliche but liked when they show the main lead ( je su ho) a cool guy and the way he chases bo nui. Eventually my effectiveness for ryu jun yeol increased. When other new dramas the songs are uploaded at the 2nd or 3 rd episode? Mostly because it is not in drama fever ''':( Lee Soo-Hyuk is so good looking. He just couldn't seem to get Bo-Nui to fall for him. yet I want to say another good things but it would be too long.. I just kept smiling,laughing and giggling all the time while watching him that never happened before in case of me while watching other dramas...really loved RJY..i would surely fall for him here if it was not reply88.only reason for watching this drama is RJY.... Everytime I think that Sim Bo-Nui could not be wearing anything uglier, I get proven wrong as soon as she appears wearing her next outfit! I love the way je su ho make a circle when bo nui hold the flyer. Just watched the first ep and loved it, she is so funny in here and i have watched her in many roles she has played and love her.

Now, Bo-Ra's condition has worsened and the doctor tells Bo-Nui to give up hope for a recovery. Bo-Nui must have a one night stand with a man born in 1986 - the year of the tiger.

Meanwhile, Soo-Ho (Ryoo Joon-Yeol) is the CEO of Zeze Game Company. On the day he is to give a presentation for a new game, he continually bumps into Bo-Nui in unpleasant ways.

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