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These works will only prevent through traffic while access to the park for park visitors will be maintained.

No other gates will be affected and will be open as normal.

It was becoming harder to find a gap along the crowd control barriers, as necks craned to see what was going on.

Near the gate, Friends of Bushy & Home Parks member Norman Simmonds waited patiently as people trailed past, towards the Diana Fountain.

“It’s quite an occasion for Teddington – a one-off event,” he said.

“For that, people have been very entertained, on a lovely Sunday morning, and it’s even attracted people to the park who never knew it existed before.” Royal Parks Manager Ray Brodie and his team began planning for the Olympic test event six months ago.

“We’ve been talking to stakeholders such as the local authority; the Friends of Bushy Park; the sports clubs; the London 2012 organising committee, on the deer and their behaviour.

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