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Kinda worried for a few weeks but he eventually managed to contact one of us via our forum to say all was well and he'd moved to a new / safer city with family while things die down.

Can't wait for him to get back - his DPS was straight up demonic.

We were pretty new to the game and hadn't cleared the final boss of a very tough raid yet - but we were coming close.

After that he upgraded to a PS4, haven't seen him back on the PS3 since which is the system that I'm still stuck on.But she pulled some strings and did some helpful stuff for me and finished by saying, "Now you have yourself a wonderful day Mr. Not to mention the lady she got to call me back at home seemed really happy to talk to me. I was on a co-op mission on a WW2 flight sim, there was around 16 of us playing and one guy was pretty wasted.We were cruising along on the way to the target area when suddenly we started hearing snoring, loud snoring...One of the most interesting online gaming moments for me. Hey man, I hate to ask a stranger on the Internet for a favor, but could you call the gas station down the street and ask for my dad?He's been gone for about 23 years now, and I'm starting to get worried...The funniest part from that encounter while I was playing operator for them. Tell him I'm only 5 minutes away so he can put the piss jar down."Not really strange as in creepy, but I was playing a csgo match when a kid on my team yelled "HA!Him: "Dude, don't tell my mom this, but I just pissed in a mason jar I had sitting outside and I'm holding on to it using it as a hand warmer to keep my fingers from freezing."Of course I bust out laughing, that was a golden moment. GET FUCKED" after getting a kill, then our entire team hears him screaming, crying, and begging for forgiveness from his mother beating him for cussing that loud.It was winter and one of the guys had stepped outside for a quick smoke and still had his headset on.A few minutes into the break we hear an "Oh shit...." then the sound of someone banging on doors and windows as he tried to get back inside his house.Then he had a bright idea."Dude, call the Arby's in State X, Town Y off Z road and ask for Sarah, that's my sister.Tell here to call my mom so she can bring the spare set of keys over. I called and she was the one to actually answer the phone. "Me: "This is a bit odd, but I'm playing an online game with your brother Andrew, he stepped out for a smoke and locked himself out without a jacket... I live about 1,500 miles from your location."Her: "Oh, okay well thanks for calling and letting me know.

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