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Your Drink P150 (beer) and Ladies Drink (P350) relatively expensive. Will milk you for all your worth , and of course you ‘pay’ or the heavies appear : ) Hence , if ever there was a second time for me (very doubtful) I would get in , order one beer , check whats on stage , check the Show Room/Pond (see below) , then outta there.Not all of the girls are of the ‘take out’ variety , so don’t spend heaps on Ladies Drinks without asking re her availability first. Suggest you check this one out , one drink will not break the bank : ) My last trip : No cover charge , no pushing for Ladies Drinks , excellent ,repeat , excellent floor show which starts around 10pm. Show comes on for 20/30 mins (scantily dressed normally) , stops , fully dressed pretty p4p girls dance for about 20 mins , then show (different to previous one) comes on. Lots of good looking girls , yes , but they have a controlled look about them.Also , attitudes are usually better at the less expensive places.Watch your chits/bills , the little bits of paper stuck in a cup in front of you , they might be loaded.Better still , agree to her calling at your hotel room before she starts work , at about one third the cost you’d pay if done through the bar.

Better to pay less for ‘short time’ (one shag) so you can road test her , before commiting to all night.Update : Read forum for latest info on Angeles Go Go scene , it is changing.However , for those who want to read about Manila Go Go Bar scene , here it is : . Firstly Makati, which had a reasonably good reputation years ago for the prettiest girls. Because Makati itself is an expensive area and the prices at P. Burgos and have an objective look at the girls there , then on same night , head back to EDSA , and see where you think the value is …I saw one guy putting his arm around one of these girls at the table. Yet her ladies drinks are costing around P390/490 each.Time is limited as to how long she sits with ya too , maybe only 30 mins. Add to that , they have boyfriends or husbands waiting for them after (hence 2am/4am ‘runners’ from your hotel room).They know a newbie when they see one , and are tempted to exploit his inexperience and bluff him into exhorbitant prices. This area had the reputation of the best looking girls , but with increased popularity , management increased the prices continually until it has become a shadow of its former self. Ask girl of choice which she prefers , check price beforehand , otherwise she might be trying to get a hefty commission from Short time Sex Hotel. Burgos St area : See “Manila Hotels/Restaurants” section for info on Oxford Suites , Century Citadel Hotel and other monger friendly places to stay and screw these Go Go Bar girls. Curiosity requires it : ) UPDATE : EDSA seems to be gaining slightly in popularity as P. Go to Angeles City for much better value (see below). No way Jose : ) So, if your in your 30’s or 40’s I would not pay any of the aforementioned prices and find a Freelancer (La Cafe or Havana , info below) who should be around P1500/2000 all night , no ladies drinks , no bar fines , no nuttin , P1500 all up , P2000 tops.The best looking girls tag is possibly stretching things nowadays. Angeles City , 1.5hrs away , has much more choice and costs significantly less (see separate page for Angeles). Ask girl if its ok to swap phone numbers in the open/public view (inside bar) beforehand and meet before work for a healthy sex session at a huge discounted rate. See ST sex Hotel info for Ermita area down below for a guide on prices. Apparently operate out of Cafe Cubana in Bellagio Hotel , Burgos St. SEX with – Escorts – MANILA Location of EDSA : Corner of Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue, otherwise referred to (thankfully) as EDSA , and F. Burgos/Makati (see above notes) slips in popularity. If you have low self esteem , or you do not appeal to girls , pay more : ) And dont forget , there is much better Go Go Bar value in nearby Angeles City (1.5hrs by road) , much better.P1500/2500 and up to P3500 (less ladies drinks already bought) at some places , small number P1500 for bar fine ; Tip for the girl after the deed/s Short Time/Long Time : Best to ask girl what she is expecting before you pay the bar fine. By comparison Angeles on average : P1300/1800 bar fine normally , plus non obligatory tip of P3/500 the next morning ! Very bad value , when the author of this info gets respectable looking girls for P1000/1500 all up (no need for additional ‘tip’ , no barfine , no ladies drinks) elsewhere in Phils (read the website). They asked me to sign chit but I insisted on paying as I go.And don’t forget, try and avoid a girl with an ‘attitude’. Burgos bars right now : Thurs to Sat nights , is when bars are firing at their best …. Rogues : This one has become popular lately cause of its more reasonable prices. Barfines in the vicinity of P1500/1800 , if your lucky. This is principally , a top Show Place , its not a Go Go bar as we know them. Other fully dressed girls , yes , can take out (not cheap). Time I visited , my one and only chit should have been P479 but was closer to P600.Some girls do very well ‘selling’ LD’s at inflated prices , and have a Filipino boy friend waiting for them outside when they finish work.Also it happens , where the guy pays for all night and after the first shag she’s off and back to the bar/wherever , looking for another ‘fish’.

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