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No, this file is not harmful to your computer system, in any way.

The primary purpose of this particular component is to create a connection between your computer and the Adobe server, to check for latest updates and notifications for the program.

The advantage of adopting this solution is the near invisible manner in which the component will operate (in the background), while you carry out your regular day to day duties on your computer system.

One problem; a fairly common problem that many people run into when using Adobe Acrobat Reader is the acrord32component using a considerable amount of CPU resources, and this may even persist, after Adobe Acrobat Reader has been closed, as the file extension continues to run in the background (consuming all available CPU resources).

There are a number of reported issues with this particular file, year in, year out.

However, there are solutions that the end user can adopt to fix it, .

Once Adobe Acrobat Reader is up and running click on Edit - Preferences.4.

Many of the users that report experiencing said errors usually had a variety of PDF reader programs running on their computer.However, all computer files can be compromised, and acrord32is no exception to that.There are many malicious files that disguise themselves by naming themselves after legitimate files.That said there are alternative solutions to the many issues end users may encounter while using the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.I’ll elaborate further on this point, later in this post, for now; continue reading for a synopsis along with viable solutions to the common CPU usage problem.This is a problem that has been reported on Windows XP/Vista/7 based systems.Certain versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader have been known to trigger this problem, but it depends greatly on the specifications of the computer that is running the program.This can be an issue for some people, which is why they may choose to disable it.It is possible for you to stop this service, without it causing any harm to your computer.With all of that said, I have provided you with a number of step-by-step solutions that you can use to suitably fix this CPU usage issue, below.The most common cause of any errors associated with the Arco Rd32component is a virus infection.

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