Taylor momsen dating marilyn manson

Musicians T-Pain and Taylor Momsen have signed up to serve as judges for an adult website's theme song contest.

Bosses at asked viewers to compose and submit an "original Pornhub themed song" in September (14),...

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Ado rebelle dans la série Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen a su imposer son style goth chic au milieu des très preppy Blake Lively et Leighton Meester.

Taylor Momsen wants to settle down and have children.

The Pretty Reckless singer - who performed at the this year's Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday () - wants to get married and start a family...

Rocker Taylor Momsen likes to be choked thanks to goth godfather Marilyn Manson.

The Beautiful People singer clamped his hands around the former Gossip Girl star's neck when they performed together at the Revolver Golden Gods...

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