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In addition she may not have time to listen to you, but is too polite to hang the phone.

Equally you do not want to say “I had great time, Let’s meet Friday”. Just give her two options, if it doesn’t fit her, then she will tell you when she can. First of all you may say something stupid or may bore her.

Because women spend hours shopping for outfit, spending hundredths for haircut, nails, perfecting her make up. Also for not giving her a lot information about yourself you make her wonder “What kind of person he is”?

She wants to capture your attention that you would see her and would talk to her. When you are straightforward and clear you appear more busy, more decisive, someone who doesn’t waist time for chit chat.

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Especially if she is attractive there are many guys who approached her and you have to be someone who is not like everyone else. And the best way to do it is to call her after one hour. You: “Your shoes perfectly matched your dress”She will be surprised and amazed.

She laughs while imagining your boner and finds you cute, cute enough where she happily gives you her phone number. So, the scene ends something along the lines of: Bye Leaving RIGHT AFTER you get her phone number is what we call, the pre-ejaculate.

Many guys think getting the phone number is the priority when you approach and interact with a hot girl you just met.

Give her a hug, tell her the plans you have for your future date, setup the next time you'll see her; just make it engaging and fun so she WANTS to see you again and will pick up her phone when you call her...

To go even further, if you meet this girl in a club or in a place where you know she'll be in your vicinity for an hour or more, you should periodically communicate with her the entire night (this also includes sensual touching).

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