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J Feild (“Captain America“), freshly minted Oscar-winner Bret Mc Kenzie, Jennifer Coolidge (“Best In Show“), Jane Seymour (“Wedding Crashers“) and James Callis (“Battlestar Galactica“).

According to Moss’ Twitter, she’s been recording the tracks with composer Ilan Eshkeri (“Stardust,” “The Young Victoria,” “Coriolanus“), who’s scoring the film, while her beau, Ash frontman Tim Wheeler will play on the tracks, along with ex-Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows.

“We both recorded separately but it sounds like one band,” explains Tim.

“However, their song comes out of the left-hand speaker and ours comes out of the right, so if you listen on your i Pod and take out one earphone, they sound completely different…” Tim has also been working on the soundtrack for a timely film called Spike Island, which is a coming-of-age tale about a gang of lads without tickets trying to get into The Stone Roses’ famous 1992 gig.

“It was strange but it kind of worked because we had started it with proper Christmas inspiration.

“It was surreal playing songs like Sleigh Me, Jesus The Reindeer and Zombie Christmas when the sun was shining,” admits Tim. “We wrote a few songs and later in the spring we realised they were really good and we should do more and recorded them properly in the summer.Darcy, who buys herself a trip to the Austenland theme park in the U.K., where she falls for an actor, and the rest of the cast includes J.There’s no word on exactly how many she’s contributing, but it sounds look there could be an EP’s worth in there, and it’s certain an added reason to check out the film, which is currently in post, and expected to hit theaters before the end of the year.Ash are to be recognised for their contribution to music at a special awards ceremony in Belfast in the autumn.And now, according to her Twitter account, she’s stretching her wings further by penning some new tracks for the film “Austenland.” The project, in case you’ve forgotten, marks the directorial debut of “Napoleon Dynamite” co-writer Jerusha Hess, who’s adapted the novel by Shannon Hale, while the film is financed by Fickle Fish Films, the production company of “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer.Keri Russell stars as a single woman obsessed with the works of “Pride & Prejudice” author Jane Austen, and by her creation Mr.And now one more acclaimed musician is getting in on the act, in the shape of British star Emma-Lee Moss, better known as Emmy The Great.Born out of the same nu-folk scene as Noah And The Whale, Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling, Emmy has released two excellent albums to date, including last year’s , in addition to cropping up in several side projects and guest appearances.The idea of using a single band or singer-songwriter to score a film has fallen somewhat out of favor since the heyday of the 1960s/1970s, when films like “The Graduate” and “Harold & Maude” used the music of Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens to echo and underline the on-screen action.But a few filmmakers, in conscious homage to those pictures, have given it a stab in recent years, with Badly Drawn Boy’s work on “About A Boy” and the upcoming “Being Flynn,” and Alex Turner’s tunes for “Submarine” being among the more memorable examples.

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