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It does not include food which contains eggs only in a relatively small proportion such as cake mixes.(36) "Employee" means the license holder, person in charge, food employee, person having supervisory or management duties, person on the payroll, family member, volunteer, person performing work under contractual agreement, or other person working in a food service operation or retail food establishment.It does not include a balut; the egg of reptile species such as alligator; or an egg product.(35) "Egg product" means all, or a portion of, the contents found inside eggs separated from the shell and pasteurized in a food processing plant, with or without added ingredients, intended for human consumption, such as dried, frozen or liquid eggs. (b) "Food additive" has the meaning stated in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, section 201(s) (as amended on August 2, 2004) and 21 C. (4) "Approved source" means a food is from:(a) A processor that is inspected by a federal food safety regulatory agency or equivalent, the Ohio department of agriculture under Chapter 3715., 911., 913., 915., 917., 918. of the Revised Code, or other recognized food regulatory agency of another state responsible for food safety; or (b) A cottage food production operation as defined in division (A) of section 3715.01 of the Revised Code, or an exempt processor of maple syrup, honey, or sorghum as specified in division (A) of section 3715.021 of the Revised Code; and that is in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 3715. (3) "Approved" means acceptable to the appropriate regulatory authority based on a determination of conformity with principles, practices, and generally recognized standards that protect public health.

(39) "Exclude" means to prevent a person from working as an employee in a food service operation or retail food establishment, or entering a food service operation or retail food establishment as an employee.

(5) "ANSI" means the American national standards institute. (16) "CIP" means cleaned in place by the circulation or flowing by mechanical means through a piping system of a detergent solution, water rinse, and sanitizing solution onto or over equipment surfaces that require cleaning, such as the method used, in part, to clean and sanitize a frozen dessert machine.

(6) "Asymptomatic" means without obvious symptoms; not showing or producing indications of a disease or other medical condition, such as an individual infected with a pathogen but not exhibiting or producing any signs or symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, or jaundice. "CIP" does not include the cleaning of equipment such as band saws, slicers, or mixers that are subjected to in-place manual cleaning without the use of a CIP system.

(13) "Casing" means a tubular container for sausage products made of either natural or artificial (synthetic) material. R." means Code of Federal Regulations which is the compilation of the general and permanent rules published in the federal register by the executive departments and agencies of the federal government which:(a) Is published annually by the United States government printing office; (b) Contains FDA rules in 21 C. (25) "Critical control point" means a point or procedure in a specific food system where loss of control may result in an unacceptable health risk.

(14) "Certification number" means a unique combination of letters and numbers assigned by a shellfish control authority to a molluscan shellfish dealer according to the provisions of the national shellfish sanitation program. (26) "Critical limit" means the maximum or minimum value to which a physical, biological, or chemical parameter must be controlled at a critical control point to minimize the risk that the identified food safety hazard may occur.

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