Top 10 most intimidating college football stadiums Free webcam sex sites

I think "scary" is the wrong word to use, though, when considering home field advantage.So, with that in mind, I'm going to attempt to put together the most intimidating places to step onto the field.For some, it’s the history and unforgettable games that have transformed the sport.But for me, it’s all about the passion and pageantry.

The open end on one side doesn't allow for the clutch goal-line intensity you get in some of the other stadiums (particularly Beaver Stadium, with the 3 tiers, and Notre Dame, with the student section screaming in your face).7.

But, the Horseshoe is also one of those legendary stadiums, and so they get a boost for that as well.9. But, the impressive visuals of the stadium, and the fact that they have one hell of a football team, help with the intimidation factor.

Lighting the Olympic Cauldron in the 4th quarter is pretty impressive.10.

This is, of course, from the perspective of the player, not opposing fans.

There are plenty of factors to consider when considering which stadium is the most intimidating. When you are standing in the tunnel under those 11 Championship banners, looking out an the eleventy-bajillionth straight sell-out crowd, listening to the chants from the most dedicated student section in the country, you can feel the echoes waking up.

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