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”Luring her in with the promise of military retirement benefits as his future wife, the fake Toolan said: “Margeret remember that our marriage should be January when i come to Australia because our marriage Certificate will be present to my office before my retirement.” Margaret Clare didn’t realize that the photo her pen pal included on his “Gen.

John” Skype account was actually one of Allen lifted from the Internet, not Toolan. Thankfully, Margaret Clare didn’t send any, she said.

More often, online characters claiming to be military brass, Navy SEALs, Delta force and the like are nothing of the kind.

Posing as even a lower-ranking soldier deployed in combat can be an effective ruse to elicit sympathy and income, as two unfortunate women discovered recently.

A struggling single mother from Houston was tricked into sending more than ,000 to someone pretending to be a handsome Army captain in Afghanistan, KHOU 11 News reported this week.

Does he speak and spell like a Marine general should? She was already suspicious because her sweetheart’s answers didn’t track with what she knew from relatives serving in national defense.

After several weeks of emailing, the lack of mental acuity in love letters from the "general" convinced her he was a swindler.“The flow of writing in the emails was not consistent in displaying the intelligence that one would expect if in fact it was from the highly educated person being represented,” she said.

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