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Serial modelizer Leonardo Di Caprio has split from Georgetown-educated Sports Illustrated model, Kelly Rohrbach after 9 months of dating.While rumors circulated that the pair were engaged after they began seeing each other last April, it’s clear that their relationship status was far from rosy.

Di Caprio is currently 43; his rumored girlfriend, Camila Morrone, 20.While it doesn't seem like Leo's planning to settle down anytime soon, the actor has clarified that he has nothing against marriage—in fact, he seems to think it might just happen to him someday. It's just going to happen when it happens." After some calculating, we determined that the average age of Di Caprio’s girlfriends is 22.9.During an interview in early 2016, Di Caprio told , "That time will come when that time comes. Scroll down to see the evidence, and to relive his complete, known relationship history.Leonardo Di Caprio has been a Hollywood fixture for over 25 years, and as such, little about his personal life has escaped the media radar.The Oscar winner has been romantically linked to more than 20 women since 1994, most models.But even that CV couldn’t keep Chicago native Heatherton, then 23, from being cut loose within a year.Since their amicable parting, she’s been tapped as the brand ambassador for men’s fragrance Curve Sport and Australia’s Impulse perfume.Leo dated women roughly his age throughout his twenties, but after he hit 30, he began to flock to much younger women, generally those in their early twenties.Basically, he's always dated young women, their ages just never used to stand as such a contrast against his own.Morrone is not the first much-younger woman Di Caprio's dated.We took a deep dive into the actor's relationship history, calculating the age of both Di Caprio and his rumored girlfriend at the beginning of their relationship (however brief).

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