Who is jake abel dating

It's inevitable that there will be some overlapping and it just seems amplified by the fact that we're watching it go down in the tabloids. It could have been the type of breakup where people just aren't meant for each other and become aware of it before going their separate ways.

Maybe Bella even wanted him to move on, Yes, of course, in the news we did see that Bella unfollowed Selena on Instagram after she was spotted smooching The Weeknd.

If it did happen, it would probably win out over a real or fake friendship that had been going on between Selena and Bella.

It's important to keep your friends in life, but your real friends will be able to support the man that you choose to be with if it's someone that's a positive influence in your life.

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Even if Taylor got to them first and is always the ex in the situation, how many people can you date and safely claim as you ex anyway?

If Taylor can date other people's exes and get away with it then anyone can.

It means that Bella's sister and Selena share a friend in Taylor. Shortly after they broke up, Bella walked the Victoria's Secret runway while her ex The Weeknd performed. They don't tend to spend as much time just hanging around as other people do thanks to their incredibly busy schedules, so they don't always vibe with someone who is on a totally different schedule than them.

Add to the fact that it can be hard to trust people that you meet after fame, because how do you know whether they're really into you for you or your celebrity you? If people don't have the time and patience to vet random people it's a lot easier to just date another celebrity who will at least be trustworthy on that level. There are a lot, but not an endless supply especially within certain age ranges.

Sometimes you just don't bond with people and sometimes you don't actually really like each other at all but hang out for the sake of a mutual friend that you both have or something.

Their biggest link seems to be that Selena is good friends with Taylor Swift. The most fun and nerve-racking experience of my life but I wish I could do it over and over and over again!!!!! Thank you @theweeknd for being the best and most incredible performer on the planet. ❤️..." That shoutout is beyond polite, it's almost like he's a friend.

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